"well hello there... how you doing....I guess I'm doing fine"

 Yes time does slip away 

So how  have you all been ? I thought I would rise from the  lethargy pit and get in touch with my "people" (if I can call you that)

I have begun recording some new material which I intend to release in the coming months via itunes or similar.

Over the last decade I have been writing ideas/concepts/snippets etc and have finally  finished a few songs for your listening pleasure!

We're Better Than This

We’re Better Than This is a non-political, grass roots movement for ordinary Australians keen to do something about the cruelty of children in detention camps. Among its founders are Australians who’ve been actively dedicated to the cause since 2001. The Keating Government introduced mandatory detention of asylum seekers in 1992. Successive Australian Governments on both sides have continued the inhumane and indefinite detention of helpless, traumatised children.

We’re Better Than This has the support of prominent Australians.​